Doors Open for Attendee Check-in/Registration

9:00am – 4:30pm: Exhibit Hall Open/Food Court
Hundreds of exhibitors featured offering all types of co-op, condo and HOA services. If you get hungry, don’t fret. Our conveniently located in-house food court offers a wide array of tasty snacks and light meals to keep you energized as you take in the Expo.

9:30am – 3:45pm: Educational Seminars
Industry professionals will present in-depth seminars designed to give attendees a wealth of insider information.

11:00am – 4:00pm: Free Advice Booths
Experienced professionals in fields ranging from law to finance to association maintenance will be on-hand throughout the show with advice and answers for both board members, managing agents and residents.

Apartment Management Seminars 2017

Going Solar: The Economics in Apt Buildings, Co-ops & Condos
Presented by: Best Energy Power
9:45am-10:30am, Room 1
Solar power has come a long way since the days of huge, unsightly rooftop arrays. Find out how going solar can save your buildings energy and money, and learn how your properties can take advantage of new solar technologies, as well as incentive programs (subsidies) designed to take the burn out of installation costs.

Sharing Staff - More for Your Money?
Presented by: The Cooperator
3:00pm-3:45pm, Room 1
For properties working with tighter budgets, it may make sense to 'share' staff members with neighboring buildings or associations in order to trim overhead and administrative costs. Come find out how you can join forces with other landlords or property managers to deliver quality building support services while saving money. Issues like scheduling, payroll, and chain of command will be discussed, as well as liability and insurance concerns.



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Co-op & Condo Seminars 2018

Air Rights – Generating Value for Unit Owners & Buildings
Presented by: City Center Real Estate Inc.
Speaker: Ronald Novita, Brian Strout, Robert I. Shapiro
9:45am - 10:45am, Room 1
This seminar will offer an overview of air rights (also known as transferable development rights, or 'TDRs') and explore the specific concerns boards and management must take into account when attempting to monetize their own TDRs.

Rising Rates and Underlying Mortgages - What Your Co-op Needs to Know
Presented by: Meridian Capital Group
10:45am - 11:45am, Room 2
With changes afoot in Washington and interest rates on the upswing, it's vital for boards to get informed about how the current lending environment may impact their refinancing decisions. This seminar will clue you in on how to manage your co-op's underlying mortgage, keep your community in robust financial health, and make prudent choices about financial products and services in the years to come.

Conscious, Connected Communication - Getting Online with the Internet of Things (IoT)
Presented by: Verizon Enhanced Communities
Speaker: Andrew Perdek
11:45am - 12:45pm, Room 1
How can co-op/condo board members and building managers meet the demands of accelerating bandwidth requirements and ensure their buildings remain appealing to current and future residents? Representatives from Verizon will discuss the latest broadband trends involving the Internet of Things (IoT), and how to select the right communications solutions for your community.

Listen to your manager - Top Issues and Best Practices Your board should know
Presented by: FirstService Residential
Speakers: Dan Wurtzel, Benjamin C. Kirschenbaum, Keith Werny, Christina Forbes
12:45pm - 1:45pm, Room 2
The management-board relationship is the bedrock on which every successful condo and co-op community rests. Learn how to optimize that partnership in your own community by finding out what management pros wish all their boards knew. We'll share proven best practices for avoiding liability exposure; litigation and conflicts of interest; resolving quality of life disputes between neighbors; preparing for emergencies; addressing comfort pets in no-pet buildings; and communicating with owners and residents.

Lower Energy Bills, Improve Resiliency, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - You Can Have it All
Presented by: NYSERDA
Speakers: Davetta Thacher, Jim Paull- ERS, Inc.
1:45pm - 2:45pm, Room 1
Combined heat and power (CHP), solar, and batteries are just a few of the many clean energy technologies currently available in NYC’s marketplace. Vendors and developers have sold these technologies for years based on their individual benefits -- but lately we’ve seen that improving your building’s resiliency while reducing its carbon footprint and lowering energy spending can be optimized by integrating two or more of these technologies into hybrid systems. Learn more about how these systems -- combined with technical assistance and financial incentives -- can benefit your multifamily community.

Hot Topics for Co-ops and Condos - Legal Updates on New Disclosure Laws
Presented by: Kagan Lubic Lepper Finkelstein & Gold, LLP
Speakers: Adam Finkelstein, Jack Lepper
2:45pm - 3:45pm, Room 2
Knowing what your board must disclose, and to whom, is a key element in effectively managing your co-op or condominium. This seminar will provide attendees with the latest legal information on hot-button issues: NYC's new smoking policy disclosure law as well as guidelines on developing legally sound smoking policies for your building; the state's conflicts of interest disclosure statute; rules regarding disclosure of bedbug issues; new DOB rules about balcony enclosures and greenhouses; and new laws impacting employment practices -- including what your board/management team can and can't ask prospective hires. Stay up to date so your building is in compliance.


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